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Analyzing who has power in America

by | Nov 30, 2023 | questions

Analyzing who has power in America

Paper instructions:
The paper assignment requirement details are in the second part of the uploading materials

—Bill must be submitted to both Houses of Congress.
A money bill goes to the House of Representatives first, where it must also go through
the House Ways and Means Committee. Another type of bill may be introduced to
either House first.
—Bills most seriously considered by the Congress are those which are initiated by the
President. These historically have the highest probability of getting passed by the
—All Bills must go through committee, where the bulk of legislative scrutiny,
investigation, research and compromise takes place.
—All Bills must be presented to the full membership of each House for a floor vote. A
Bill must be passed by a majority (of a quorum) by each House.
—Different versions of the same bill may go to a Conference committee to find a
compromise to the differences. If successful, the revised bill goes back to each House for
a re-vote.
—All Bills must undergo Presidential action:
1) The President signs the Bill; it becomes a law whenever the Bill
2) The President ignores the Bill; it becomes a law in ten days unless the
Congress adjourns first; in the latter case it dies (and is called a pocket-veto.)
3) The President vetoes the Bill. It does NOT become a law unless 23 of
each House of Congress overrides the veto.
The Senate alone deals with approving Presidential appointments.
You are to write a two to three page paper final analyzing who has power in America.
Focus on what is true, not what you disagree with. For instance, if you believe that there
is no elitism, do not talk about why it does not exist.
Use the four theories in the first chapter of the poli-sci [PS] text as your guide: decide if
America is democratic, elite/class, pluralist or hyperpluralist in its power distribution.
You may combine theories, or offer your own theory if these do not apply. You will be
graded on the number of examples you use to prove your case. Use information from the
assigned books, which are full of examples, as your evidence. Do not use a legalistic
argument but show how the law is actually practiced in terms of who has power. Do not
use emotional arguments, such as the idea that while America may not be perfect, it is the
best government there is. Do no voice any opinions you cannot back up with evidence.
Keep Internet sites to an absolute minimum and do not use more than 10% of your
examples at mostfrom such sources.
Reviewing the following chapters will be helpful in formulating your point of view:
Traditional democracy see chapters one and chapters on voting in PS text
Elite-class see chapter 16 in PS text
Pluralism seechapter on political parties in PS text
Hyperpluralism see chapter on interest groups in PS text.
You are expected to use the other assigned books as well for evidence and examples.

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