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Change Managment

by | Nov 30, 2023 | questions

Change Managment

To demonstrate your knowledge, understanding, and ability to apply key class concepts around managing change.

Specific Task:

You are to identify and select a substantial change effort that they are involved in currently, or have recently experienced (or, if necessary, can find substantial written material about), and analyze it on the basis of the materials covered in this class.

The paper should follow this outline:

1. Introduction: What is the situation, organization, and context for the change? Also, it is important that you convey clearly from what perspective you will be writing the analysis. Did you lead the change? Were you a participant in the change? Are you reporting on information that you received second-hand or through secondary sources? If so, what are those sources?

2. Analysis according to class materials: Analyze the approach taken by the change agent(s), and write separate sections for each of the following: a) the image of the type of change held by the change agent(s), b) the “culture” of the setting that is changing and the role culture played in the change, c) the diagnosis of the change, d) the extent to which the (envisioned and actual) change was first or second order/adaptive or transformational/tectonic, e) the method(s) for implementing change, f) the vision for the change, and g) how the change was communicated.

3. Overall Evaluation: Evaluate the quality of the change agent’s work based on class readings. You should also evaluate outcomes from a process and outcome perspective (i.e. some change efforts follow good process but do not yield good outcomes, and vice versa.)

4. Recommendations: Include a list of recommendations suggesting what steps could have been taken to increase the success of the project.

Specific guidelines:

The paper is to be between 3000 and 4000 words in the narrative. References are not included as part of the narrative and do not count as part of the word count. Graphs and models offered to not count as part of the word count. Paper is to be 12-point font, 1.5 spaced or double-spaced and must be submitted as a word document.
Criteria for grading:

• Clarity and effective use of grammar (3 points)
• Use of materials from the course. I expect that your paper will make a number of references to class readings and discussions. While you do not need to footnote, you should cite the reading by putting the author’s name and the date of the publication in parentheses following the reference. Where quotes are used directly, put the page number the quote appears on. A list of all readings you referenced in the paper should appear at the end of the paper. (4 points)
• Use of supplemental material to support the paper: Please include graphs, process flow diagrams, organizations charts, survey results, etc. that help tell the story more vividly. (3 points)
• The rigor of your analysis of the change process on a step-by-step basis (15 points)
• The use of supporting data. If you make an assertion such as “Morale at my company was at an all-time low,” on what do you base this? Or, if you suggest, “This project has had an enormous impact on customer satisfaction,” how do you know this to be true? While it is acceptable to occasionally insert some subjectivity into the analysis – be clear to identify what is subjective opinion and what is based on more objective data sources. (2 points)
• The quality of your conclusions and recommendations (3 points)

From Student:

Change: Privatization of parking meters in Chicago
Class materials that need to be referenced:
1) Managing Transitions (3rd Ed.) by William Bridges, PhD
2) Leading Change by John P. Kotter

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