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Clinical Scenario

by | Nov 30, 2023 | questions

Clinical Scenario
You are seeing a 4-year-old child in your clinic. The parents report that her speech and language development is delayed. The child passed her newborn hearing screening. She has a significant history of chronic otitis media. Medical history is otherwise unremarkable. The parents report that she is inattentive and has difficulty following oral instructions. The child frequently turns up the volume on the television. There is no family history of hearing loss.

1: Anatomy/Physiology: Submit an original (i.e., created by you) anatomical drawing of the relevant structures, pinpointing the area of lesion or concern (if applicable).
2: Professional Reference: Submit a one-paragraph summary of a reference (i.e., journal article) in the professional literature relevant to the clinical scenario. Turn in the abstract along with your summary of how the article relates to the case study.
3: Famous Person Profile: Submit a one-paragraph biography of an individual (e.g, political figure, entertainer, athlete, etc.) who has brought public awareness (positive or negative) to the disorder represented in the case study. The paragraph should discuss how that person has brought awareness to the disability (e.g., writing a book, acting as a public spokesperson, enacting government action, etc.).
4: Differential Diagnosis: Submit a one-paragraph argument supporting why you think the case represents a specific diagnosis (e.g., articulation disorder versus phonological processes disorder; sensorineural versus conductive hearing loss) with citations from the textbook or class handouts (i.e., list the page number(s) of the text and/or name of the handout where you found your information).
5: Treatment Recommendation/Prognostic Statement: Submit a one-paragraph summary of whether or not the individual would be a candidate for therapy, what kind of treatment you would recommend, and the individual’s prognosis for success. Cite the page number(s) of the text and/or name(s) of the handout(s) where you found your information.

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