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Computer sciences and Information technology

by | Nov 30, 2023 | questions

Computer sciences and Information technology

Unit 1 Project Deliverable Part 1: Idea Description

Project description
In this course, you are required to complete a project that integrates an idea document, flowchart, and pseudocode. This project is weighted at 15% of your grade. You will begin your project in Unit 1 and continue throughout the course. Each week a part of the project, known as a project deliverable, is due. You will receive feedback on your deliverables and will incorporate this feedback into your finished project.

You may choose your project topic, but please be sure to read the Example Project Problems document to see examples of acceptable project topics; you cannot use any of these project examples in your project deliverables.

Some possible project topic ideas are:
•How to do something?Example: making a PB &J sandwich–but more in depth than that

•How to get somewhere
•Something mechanical
•Lawn care
•Buying a car
•Preparing for a weather emergency
•Should I quit smoking?

In each unit, you will be given a grading rubric to use while you complete a project deliverable. Use the rubric to analyze your work as you complete your project deliverable; this is the same rubric that will be used when I grade the assignment. Your submitted files must also meet the minimum requirements below.

The minimum required elements for your project are:
•One input
•One output
•4 processes (an action that isn’t a decision or an input/output)
•3 decisions (one of which must be a loop)
•3 well-defined variables with correct data types

You can have more than the required number of elements if your project calls for more. However, you cannot have less than the required number.

Your project deliverables will be due each week as you learn more material. You will never be asked to do something that is not covered in the class. Below is a brief outline showing when each deliverable is due, culminating in a total and complete project in Unit 5. Please see the directions in each unit for detailed instructions.
•Unit 1: Submit an idea
•Unit 2: Submit an updated idea based on feedback
•Unit 3: Create a flowchart
•Unit 4: Write pseudocode
•Unit 5: Resubmit flowchart, pseudocode & idea based on feed

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