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Follow up Chaoul DQ

by | Nov 30, 2023 | questions

This is a post prepared by a colleague against the following DQ :

“”””””””””Project closure, is an
important stage of the project where many reflected information is compiled
either to meet customer demand, needs and requirements or either for the
organization as a process learning to increase and strengthen future project
performances and experiences. (Laureate Online Education, 2009, pp. 4-5)
To my understanding, the author (Sanghera, 2009, pp. 56-57) mentions on its
very early stage of his book that the very basic definition of a project
closure should have a ‘’Guidelines and requirements for project closures, such
as final mandatory audits and product acceptance criteria’’ however, to my
argument, his next comment was ‘’You need to follow these guidelines and
accommodate the requirements while working out the details of the project
management processes that you will perform’’ (Sanghera, 2009, pp. 56-57),
reading furthermore it sounds to me like a possible historical combined five
process knowledge to follow, in all this to feed the next project as lesson
Process closure steps as explained by (Sanghera, 2009, pp. 415-416) processes:
• Verify the scope of the project deliverables
• Accept the procured deliverables through the procurement closure process
• Get the deliverables from scope and procurement for customer acceptance or
sponsor to close the project.
• Archive the project documents.
• WBS and Dictionary.
Requirement traceability matrix (RTM) – will record and track every action on
the project to ensure that client requirements a clearly defined and tested.
(Laureate Online Education, 2009, pp. 5-6)
Processes diagram:
Figure taken from (Sanghera, 2009, pp. 451-452)
Verify scope > close project > organizational process assets>
Project manager must follow below tasks to at the closure phase process::
• Task – sending final delivery
• Task – Closing contract
• Task – Conducting reviews.
• Task – Capturing the learning side of it.
• Task – Archiving artifacts.
• Task – Releasing project resources.
One of the mentioned processes in ‘’Project Procurement Management’’ are
Termination – where an alternative dispute, resolution is used as a mechanisms
– this method can agreed in advanced as part of the procurement award. (Project
Management Institute, 2008, pp. 334-345)
Where the administrator of procurement process the documentation on how well
the seller is performing as well used as a future reference directory, the
seller is put into a check list process and insure the buyer receives the
agreed deliverable otherwise unless this proceed went to an early termination
of the contracted work for ‘’Cause, convenience or default’’. (Project
Management Institute, 2008, pp. 337-338)
If project happen to be terminated before its actual agreed date, the project
manager still has to go through the contract closure procedure, this will be
included in the contract agreement with the client. (Sanghera, 2009, pp.
It is clear that project closure processes are extremely important, especially
when it comes to customers involved, to ensure the process doesn’t go on
mediation status with unpleasant disputes where facilitators should help on the
process to find the equal agreement before the next phase called arbitration
(if agreement fails) where litigation would be the last resort however, all
this shouldn’t happen unless closure process goes really wrong.s
Laureate Online Education, L. O. E. 2009. Project Closure – Completed Projects
vs Terminated projects. In: Liverpool: Laureate Online Education.
Project Management Institute, 2008. Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide.
4th ed. Newton Square: Project Management Institute Inc.
Sanghera, P., 2009. Project Management Professional study guide for the PMP
exam. 2nd ed. Boston: Course Technology Press.


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