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by | Nov 30, 2023 | questions

Please see attached: Answers needed for Study Guide!

Document Preview:

1 CHAPTER EIGHT TEST STUDY GUIDE PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION Multiple Choice 1. The central emotional experience of Kierkegaard’s philosophy and life was: A. his early physical self-indulgence. B. the death of his father at an early age. C. his confrontation with existential dread. D. his devotion to Hegelian philosophy. E. his fascination with the philosophy of Plato. 2. “Existential dread” is the: A. fear of dying young. B. fear of eternal damnation. C. fear that one’s life is meaningless. D. fear of dying before one’s life’s work has been completed. E. None of the above 3. For Kierkegaard and his Pietist associates, to believe in God is to: A. believe in the power of prayer. B. attend the proper rituals and recite the appropriate prayers. C. expect certain punishment for worldly sin. D. trust God to provide an eternal life after death. E. None of the above 4. For Kierkegaard, the central religious problem was the: A. problem of evil. B. problem of faith. C. search for a proof of God’s existence. D. problem of determining the nature of the afterlife. E. None of the above 5. The price of salvation, according to Kierkegaard’s variety of Protestantism, is: A. the performance of “good works.” B. frequent public attestations of belief in God’s existence. C. unconditioned faith in God’s promise of eternal life. D. Both A and C E. None of the above
2 6. In order to be saved, according to Kierkegaard, one’s faith must be: A. free from all doubt, including doubt that one is deserving of eternal life. B. held throughout an observant life. C. justified by reason. D. given only after a long period of questioning one’s worthiness. E. All of the above 7. The offer of eternal life in exchange for sincere faith caused fear and torment because: A. each person has committed some sin. B. different people interpreted it different ways. C. doubts lurking deep within a believer’s heart make it nearly impossible to be sure that one has unconditional faith in God. D. we are limited by our…

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