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Principles of Sociology week 7 Individual

by | Nov 30, 2023 | questions

Deadline June 1, 2012

time 6 pm

  • List at least one instance when you read about, heard about, or experienced discrimination (not prejudice) based on race. Briefly explain the experience. (If needed, check the definitions of discrimination and prejudice in the Glossary in the back of the textbook.).
  • What were the consequences, if any, of the discrimination to the one being discriminated against and the one doing the discrimination? Do you think the consequences were justified? Explain.
  • What would have to change in our society for us to be a truly multicultural society? Explain.
  • Explain how the sociological perspectives would explain discrimination. Be certain to use all three major sociological theories individually — functionalism, conflict theory, and interactionism — in your discussion.
Document Preview:

Principles of Sociology week 7 Individual
Week 7: Week Seven – Individual Work
Instructional Objectives for this activity:
? Apply the concepts of ethnocentrism and cultural relativism to your own perceptions and interactions.
? Apply the basic ideas and focus of the following three major theoretical perspectives: the structural-functional paradigm, the conflict paradigm, and the symbolic interaction paradigm.
To prepare for this assignment, read “The New Capitalism in China” (p.304) in Essentials of Sociology to obtain background information.
Imagine yourself as an employee of a company doing business in another country. Consider some of the misperceptions that could occur, from awkward language translations to colliding customs.
Why do you think it is often difficult to do business across cultures? How can businesspeople avoid cross-cultural mistakes? If a company offends a culture in which it is trying to do business, what should it do?
Using your textbook and additional resources, write a two- three page paper on doing business in other cultures. Be certain to use all three major sociological theories – functionalism, conflict theory, and interactionism – in your analysis. Please note your grade will be based on the content of your work as well as on the spelling, grammar, and presentation.
The Capitalism in China
Socialism has the virtue of making people more sequels. Socialism’s equality, however, translates into distributing poverty throughout a society. Under socialism, almost everyone becomes equally poor.
Capitalism, in contrast, has the virtue of producing wealth. A lot of people remain poor, however, leaving a sharp contrast in wealth and property, one that produces envy and sometimes creates social unrest.
Chinese leaders realized the wealth- producing capacity of capacity of capitalism and wanted that for their own version, which we might call” capunism’ capitalism directed by communicates. In the…


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