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Question: 1. Review the following scenario:      a. As the newly appointed head of a ne…

by | Nov 30, 2023 | Posted Questions

1. Review the following scenario:

     a. As the newly appointed head of a new
department at a healthcare institution, you have the responsibility
of creating a new healthcare management team. You must negotiate
with the heads of HR and Finance in order to create the best team
of healthcare professionals for your department.

b. You need to hire 75-150 employees. You may consider three
different types of employees

Type of Employee

Cost Productivity % Time to Hire Turnover
A $40,000 30 % 30 Days 40%
B $60,000 60% 90 Days 20%
C $80,000 90% 180 Days


c.        The heads of the
Human Resources and Finance Departments have given you the
following limitations for hiring personnel for your team:

Total annual healthcare employee cost must not exceed $6

Total average healthcare employee productivity must be a minimum of

Average time to hire for new employees must not exceed 75 days.

Total average healthcare employee turnover must not exceed 25%.

d.        The head of HR is
known for her direct, no-nonsense approach to hiring and managing
employees. She can be difficult to talk to, especially when
performance is on the line. She expects the best of everyone and
dislikes “slackers.” However, she will listen to reason if
presented with a compelling argument and data to back it up.

e.        The head of Finance
is easygoing, but no pushover. His goal is keep to the institution
in the black. At the same time, however, he is not averse to
spending the money to move the institution toward the future.
However, he is not a “people person”. The bottom line is his domain
and he needs to be convinced that expenditures make sense and that
they are fiscally sound.

f.         In recent
meetings, both the heads of HR and Finance have expressed
reservations about expanding the institution with the formation of
your department.

2.     Review the following tips for
successful negotiation:

a.     Be strategic, think ahead – not just
your current move but two to three negotiation moves ahead.

b.     Say no with a smile… Keep the
negotiation door open.

c.     Maintain competitive leverage; have
several negotiable alternatives.

d.     Know in advance what you consider a
good deal; think clearly about what you aspire to achieve from

e.     Keep your bottom line in view, that
is, what must you achieve at a minimum from negotiations, or there
will be no deal.

f.      Put yourself in the shoes of
what your negotiation counterpart is trying to achieve; look for
common ground.

g.     Provide a negotiated solution that
makes both parties better off – work toward the so called “win-win”

h.     Negotiate multiple issues together;
do not negotiate issue by issue.

i.      Do not negotiate simply to
negotiate; what is it that the negotiating parties really “have to

j.      Never negotiate against
yourself and never disclose your bottom line.

k.     Never accept the first offer, and
never make the first offer if you can help it.

l.      Listen more, talk less.

m.    Do not rush negotiations and never make a
quick deal just to get it done.

n.     Tell the truth; do not lie during
negotiations or you will destroy your credibility for the

Please help with:

1.   Use the information from the scenario to
determine the ideal number and type of employees that you can hire
to build the most effective team for your department.

2.     Write a rationale to the
heads of HR and Finance to explain how you arrived at your
decision. Specifically, note any deviations from the limitations
that you were given and defend your decisions.

3.     Note the specific negotiation
strategies that you will use in dealing with both the head of HR
and the head of finance.

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