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Question: 500 words about WorkPlace Safety , no copy and paste please Your Long Report will be, essentially…

by | Nov 30, 2023 | Posted Questions

500 words about WorkPlace Safety , no copy and paste please

Your Long Report will be, essentially, a request, a proposal
that provides adequate information to the intended audience before
those involved can respond to the request. Proposals usually are
compartmentalized into several or more distinct sections, much like
the longer final reports that are written after a project is

Proposals may be written in response to an RFP—a request for
proposals—which gives details on the content and format of
proposals that respond to them.

Writing any report basically has five steps:

Define the problem.

Gather the necessary information.

Analyze the information.

Organize the information.

Write the report.

Many different kinds of documents are called

Reports come in many shapes and sizes. They can be formal or
informal in nature. A good definition of a report is “a written
document designed to inform, analyze, or persuade an audience about
an issue or problem.” Common types of reports are



Recommendation (or problem-solving)

Problem-solving reports, (also called recommendation reports),
the type that you will be writing, are very common in the

Before you begin to write your report, finish at least
one-fourth of your research.

Reports must have something important to discuss. In most cases,
reports will solve a problem an organization, institution or
community has—finding more efficient ways to manufacture a product,
locating a better alternative to a current practice, or purchasing
a cheaper material the organization needs. Before any of that
happens, the writer must first determine what problems exist.

Good report problems are real, important, and specific. They
grow out of real problems. In the “real world,” these problems may
be brought to the writer’s attention by a supervisor. In other
cases, the writer may notice problems that could be solved.

Define the problem you will write about. A good report problem
meets the following criteria:

The problem is


Important enough to be worth solving.

Narrow but challenging.

The audience for the report is


Able to implement the recommended action.

The data, evidence, and facts are

Sufficient to document the severity of the problem.

Sufficient to support the recommendation that will solve the

Available to you.

Comprehensible to you.

Start out broad while defining the problem—there’s too much
litter on campus
—and then narrow the problem down to something
manageable—we need a newspaper recycling program at State
Community College
. Problems that are too broad often prove
difficult to solve.

The problem should also be solvable in a realistic time period.
Even if you fictionalize the length and scope of solving the
problem, the time period must still be

Talk to experts about how much time solving the problem might
take. This could involve interviewing campus experts, contacting
someone in local government, or sending a questionnaire to a

Write a good purpose statement. Good purpose statements make
three things clear:

The organizational problem or conflict.

The specific technical questions that must be answered to solve
the problem.

The rhetorical purpose the report is designed to achieve.

The proposal clearly delineates what you’re going to do,
how and when you’ll do it, and evidence that you’ll do it

Before employees are able to begin large projects, they
typically must submit a proposal. Proposals can be internal or
external. Short internal proposals may be written in memo format,
but longer proposals and external proposals use a report format,
often with a letter of transmittal.

Before writing a proposal, you must define the problem and do
enough research to understand the nature of its solution. A
proposal must answer important questions:

What problem are you going to solve?

How are you going to solve it?

What exactly will you provide for us?

Can you deliver what you promise?

What benefits can you offer?

When will you complete the work?

How much will you charge?

A proposal (usually) has the following sections:




Topics to Investigate


Qualifications/ Facilities/Resources

Work Schedule

Call to Action

In the first paragraph, writers also should summarize in a
sentence or two the topic of the report and its purposes.

What works best? What could be improved? Why?

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