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Question: What is the problem in this case? and what is the soultion ? Why Won’t They Take A Break? Five ye…

by | Nov 30, 2023 | Posted Questions

what is the problem in this case? and what is the soultion ?

Why Won’t They Take A Break?

Five years ago, your company assigned you to a management
position in its new research facility in South Korea. You were
thrilled with the promotion, and grateful to your bosses, who
recognized your skills and talents. At the same time, there was a
lot to be nervous about—adjusting to a new culture and language,
finding a school for your kids and a job for your wife, figuring
out where to buy familiar groceries. But even with all the
struggles, you’ve thoroughly enjoyed your time in Korea, as you got
to learn new things from your employees and teach them new things
from your experiences. In fact, you’re quite surprised that you’ve
had such little conflict with your Korean associates.

There is, however, one area that you could never quite get a
handle on—vacation time. Like every other employee in the company,
your employees were given three weeks of paid vacation per year.
But, other than the occasional three-day weekend, they never took
any time off. At first, you wondered if this was just unique to
your company. But then, you saw statistics that showed that
Koreans, on average, worked more than 2,300 hours per year, 600
more than the average American. While these long hours show great
organizational commitment, they have extremely negative effects.
Overworked employees are more prone to stress and physical illness
and are less likely to be efficient or productive. Indeed,
according to the Organization of Economic Cooperation and
Development, an international group comprised of 30 of the world’s
largest economies, South Korea ranks near the bottom in terms of

Even the South Korean government has taken notice of the dangers
of overwork. A few months ago, President Myung Bak Lee announced
that all state employees would be required to take 16 days of
vacation per year. You were quite happy to hear about this policy,
and hopeful that it would influence the private sector. But, you
also wonder if there aren’t other changes needed. From your
conversations with Korean managers, you’ve learned that there is
one big reason why Korean employees don’t take vacation
time—because their supervisors don’t take vacation time. Even while
requiring government employees to take 16 days off, President Lee
himself has taken off only four days since his 2008 election.
Jin-soo Kim, a director in the Ministry of Public Administration
who wrote the 16-day policy, took no vacation time at all in 2008.
Even you, the “enlightened” American, remember working through
Lunar New Year’s Day, one of the biggest holidays in Korea.

You desperately want your employees to take more time off. It’s
what’s best for them, their families, and for the company’s
productivity and efficiency. What is the best way to motivate them
to take a break

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